V-neck Two-Tiered Maxi Swing Dress

Rusty Orange
Army Green
Peacock Blue
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Artsy & Free-Spirited

A dress that’s creative and liberating
  • 100% Cotton: Stay cool with our premium, lightweight cotton fabric that promotes airflow and keeps you feeling fresh and sweat-free.
  • Keep it Classy: With a deeper V-neck cut, your bust stands out with just a hint of cleavage - but no more than a hint.
  • Alluring Style: With an irregular hemline, progressively flowier tiers, and loosely draped sleeves, this dress is alluring, artsy, and slightly mysterious.
  • Free-spirited Flow: The maxi cut and two tiers are long and graceful, flowing elegantly with each step.
  • Wear it For Years to Come: Our durable cotton fabric is stitched to withstand the test of time and multiple washes without losing color or shape.

Be an Individual

With this alluring and artsy maxi dress, you stand out in a way that isn’t showy but solidifies who you are in every room.

You’re Free-Spirited & Uninhibited

The long, flowy cut with irregular hemline and wide, drapey sleeves flow gracefully as you move and flatter your body in a mid-lightweight drape from bust to stomach to hips.

Define Who You Are

The cut is creative and elegant, but what about the color? Speak to your spirit with khaki, orange, green, or blue, and stride into the world with confidence in a color that feels like you.

Material: 100% Cotton

CARE TIPS: Machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry on low. Avoid high heat. Iron as needed on a low heat setting.
Size Shoulder Bust Waist Length Sleeves Length
S 17.3 38.2 39.8 52 8.3
M 18.1 40.2 41.7 52.8 8.3
L 18.5 42.1 43.7 53.5 8.7
XL 18.9 44.1 45.7 54.3 8.7
2XL 19.3 46.1 47.6 55.1 9.1
3XL 20.1 48 49.6 55.9 9.1
4XL 20.5 50 51.6 56.7 9.4
5XL 20.9 52 53.5 57.5 9.4
Yes, our sizes for this product reach up to 5XL.
The dress is ideal for casual outings and travel, however if paired with the right shoes and accessories, you can wear it for more upscale events.
You can iron the garment as needed on a low heat setting.
The V-neck reaches your bust at a tasteful depth but does not extend too far down, so you don’t have to worry about too much exposure.
This dress is made from 100% cotton.
For now, we offer popular solid colors. It’s great for pairing with other accessories in your closet!
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